Reasons behind death of Lord Krishna and Yadava dynasty downfall

krishna death

Lord Krishna was the king and emperor of Dwarka(also known as the city of gold). He founded Dwarka by reclaiming 12 yojna land from sea.

In Mahabharat, the city is described as a city with beautiful gardens, deep moats, several ponds and palaces.

This beautifully mesmerising city with its hero Krishna met with the most horrific end.

What marked the end ? Why it had a cursed destiny ?

Well…to answer these questions, we need to know 2 important events :

  1. Gandhari’s curse to Lord Krishna
  2. Rishi Durvasa’s curse to Samba

So, starting with the first key event to our answers :

  1. Gandhari’s curse to Lord Krishna
    After the end of Kurukshetra war, everyone witnessed a huge loss of warriors, animals, assets etc.

    Gandhari – the wife of Dhritrashtra and the mother of Kauravas who was a huge devotee to Lord Shiva. She witnessed the loss of all her 100 sons in the war. She could not bear the pain and agony of loosing all her sons.

    As a result of which, she cursed Lord Krishna

    May you Krishna witness the death of your children and your children’s children. And may you die alone in the forest, hunted down like a beast.

    Gandhari curses Lord Krishna

    Lord Krishna accepted the curse like a blessing respecting Gandhari.

    Now to know the beginning of the demise of the Yadava clan, we need to know the second event

  2. Rishi Durvasa’s curse to Samba
    After 36 years of Gandhari’s curse, it happened that sages like Vishwamitra, Durvasa, Narada and Vashista were on a pilgrimage.

    On their way back, they decided to meet Lord Krishna. The young boys of Yadava clan namely Bhadokas, Vrishnis, Kekeyas, Andakas had lost sense of culture and wanted to play a mischievous prank on the holy sages.

    They dressed Samba(Krishna and Jambavati’s son) as a pregnant women. They then asked the sages to predict the child’s gender in order to prove their divinity.

    Samba dressed as pregnant woman

    The rishi’s with their divine power knew the truth of the prank and in order to teach them a lesson cursed them.

    The disguised boy will give birth to a lump of iron which will destroy the entire Yadava race

    The Yadavas encroached by their clan’s pride did not even apologise for their ruthless act.

    They were unaware about the groaning situation. The curse started taking shape next morning.

    Samba, who was disguised as a pregnant women actually developed labour pains and delivered a lump of iron from within him.

    This brings out the fear of the curse among the Yadava boys. They then narrated the whole incident to Lord Krishna, Akroor and Ugrasen.

    Akroor, analysing the situation ordered them to grind the iron lump and dispose it off into the sea.

    Krishna however was very calm on the whole incident as he knew Samba is the shadow of Shiva(Lord of destruction) and the weapon to fulfil Gandhari’s curse.

    As per the commandment, the boys crushed the lump but only a triangular piece was left. They along with that piece dumped it into sea.

    That piece was swallowed by a fish which was caught by a hunter. The hunter made a poisonous arrow with that piece.

    On the other hand, the dumped powdered iron was deposited on the banks of the river and grass grew over there.

Now the final showdown
Time passed by and the grass grew stronger just like blades. The passing time healed the terrific memory of the curse of Samba.

However, by the time, lots of bad omen had started appearing indicating that the stage of Karma has set.

The Sudarshana Chakra, Panchajanya shankh, the chariot of Lord Krishna disappeared marking the beginning of the end.

On the final day, the Yadavas boys gathered on the beach. They were drunk and mischievous.

They started teasing each other. The teasing became serious when Satyaki and Kritavarma participated in the act.

They both fought the war of Kurukshetra but from opposite sides.

In the arrogance of war, Satyaki cut off Kritavarma’s head. In retaliation, Kritavarma’s friends pounced on Satyaki and like this everyone got involved in the rage.

This fierce wave of rage didn’t spare even the innocent ones like Pradyumna, who was brutally killed.

Yadava boys killing each other with iron mixed grass stems

They were unaware that the curse of saint was taking shape. During the fight, they picked up the grass stems and started beating and eventually killing each other. The grass stem was nothing but the powdered iron which grew at the shore.

This fierce battle in their own clan destroyed them all.

On learning about this tragic incident, Lord Krishna went to search for Balarama. Balrama was meditating under the tree. He was not responding to Lord Krishna. A long serpent then came out of Balrama’s face. This indicated Balrama leaving his mortal body.

balrama death

Death of Lord Krishna
As Gandhari’s curse had almost taken shape. In order to complete the curse, he had to leave his body. He was wandering in forest thinking about the ways to do this.

Krishna started meditating under a tree. At the same time, Jara(a hunter) misunderstood the moving foot of Krishna as a lurking deer. He shot the arrow pointing at the feet.

jara killed krishna

This gave Krishna a path to leave his mortal body. The hunter upon realising his mistake apologised to Lord Krishna. He consoles the hunter and narrates him that he was Vaali(brother of Sugriv) in his previous life.

Lord Rama killed Vaali while hiding behind a tree and similarly Karma has taken effect in the same manner in this life. He consoles Jara that it was all part of the planned destiny and died.

After 7 days of Lord Krishna’s death, the Dwarka city also submerged into the water with all its golden architecture and treasures.

This was not the END but the beginning of a new era of Kaliyug.

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