Lord Rama’s death & the cycle of time

Lord Rama death

Lord Rama was the king of Ayodhya. He is known to be the incarnation of Lord Vishnu. He is more popularly known as the deity of Hanuman. Hanuman’s selfless devotion broke all the boundaries of devotion, a devotee can have.

After completing all his duties as Rama on Earth, it was time for him to leave the mortal body. Lord Rama was informed that his time has come to die. He knew that birth goes with death and his avatar should now leave the earth.

He asked Yama(god of death) to come and take him to Vaikuntha. Yama feared his devotee Hanuman. He knew he won’t be able to do this in Hanuman’s presence.


To allow Yama’s entry, Lord Rama decided to distract Hanuman. Lord Rama noticed a crack in the floor in his palace. He then dropped his ring in the crack. He requested Hanuman to fetch his ring.

To fulfil his deity’s wish, Hanuman shrank himself to the size of a beetle. He entered the crack. Upon entering, he realised that it was a long and huge tunnel.

The tunnel leads to a place guarded by Naga called Naglok.

Naglok guarded by snakes

In the Naglok, he met the king of serpents Vasuki.


Vasuki took Hanuman to the centre of Naglok. There he was shocked to see the mountain of identical rings. Each and every ring of the mountain was identical. he asked the meaning of this in astonishment.

Pile of rings

Vasuki explained to him the Kaalchakra – the circle of time. He explained that the world we live in goes through cycles of life and death. The smallest unit of which is called a Kalpa i.e a life-cycle.

Four Yuga’s combine to form a Kalpa. Rama’s birth is associated with 2nd yuga i.e Treta Yuga. In every Kalpa, a similar ring falls in the land of serpents through a tunnel. During the time Rama dies on Earth, a monkey comes to search for the ring.

yuga cycle

All the rings represent the number of Kalpa’s happened which is eternal. He then explains, there is a huge space for future rings also. Hanuman realises that he cannot intervene in Kaalchakra(circle of time).

Future is definite. One who is born will definitely die. New things will come which will mark the end of old things. Time is like river water. Always moving and we cannot hold it. We cannot change our past or future but we can always cherish our present.

Stop chasing future or regretting past and start living in present. Time is boundless and beyond the scope of our understanding. Let it pass by swiftly.

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Written by Pradeep Mittal

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